Who Do You Think You Are – Website Demo

We teamed up with Barna Alper Productions and the Bell Fund to create this fusion of traditional web development and highly advanced Flash Action Scripting.

Who Do You Think You Are? is the extension of a 13 episode series on the genealogy of 13 famous Canadians. The show airs on the CBC. By taking the TV stories further online, the website leads users through those lives and into the tools to help them discover their own family lineage. The site not only offers the valuable information, it also carries one of the most advanced family tree applications developed to date. Everything has been completely rethought and delivered while maintaining traditional understanding.

Multiple skills were involved in developing this website: copy writing, graphic design, web applications development, video production, editing and compositing, in-depth Flash development, hosting, and analytics.

The website turned out to be a perfect vehicle to drive viewers from online to the television and back. Through unique content and exclusive partnerships we were able to push hundreds of thousands of searches through Library and Archives Canada’s Genealogy databases and countless numbers to the title sponsor, Ancestry.ca.

This project is an ideal model for Television and Internet integration. Its success for all parties has set standards that I now put toward all major cross platform projects.

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