The History of Welland County from 1887 – New Publication Series

1887 History of Welland Its Past and Present.
Now part of the Mike Wingrove 1887 History of Welland series of publications.
The original public domain publication has been divided into smaller publications to increase availability of the multitude of gems from the past for this area of Canada. Published in 2016 in preparations for the Canada150 Celebrations in advance of the Canada Confederation of 1867 .
Volume 1 Biographies 1887 Welland county – containing biographical sketches collected from the 1887 times period
Volume 2 Connections 1887 Welland county. More on the historical events that shaped Canada and it place in the global environment.
Volume 3 is the extremely large History of Welland County, with all the sections and details of the original 1887 book. A need may exist to remove some to make the new publication manageable.

More details are on site Family-History-Resources on

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