GCG2016 – Ballyhiskey Tipperary to Canada – the Gleeson/Stapleton Story (Mike Stapleton)

Gleeson Clan Gathering 2016

“Amid the rising toll of Famine deaths, Margaret Gleeson and her husband James Stapleton emigrated from the townland of Ballyhiskey in Burgesbeg Parish in 1847 or 1848. With their ten children they sought refuge in Canada. Oral history indicates that the family arrived in two groups, however their son Matthew’s obituary records that the entire family left Ireland on 19 March 1847, arriving at Hamilton, Canada West (Ontario) on 24 May 1847. Their first landing in Canada was at the infamous quarantine station at Grosse Îsle where medical examinations were given to new immigrants prior to disembarking at the Port of Québec. The family sought passage on a local Steam Ship to take them down the St Lawrence River to first Montréal, then Kingston, finally ending their journey at Hamilton at the head of Lake Ontario. This paper also explores their further migration to Petrolia/Enniskillen, from where their North American story would continue.”

Michael Patrick Stapleton is a highly experienced genealogical researcher and a member of the Middlesex County (Ontario), Ontario Genealogical and Irish Genealogical Research Societies. For more than two decades he has conducted extensive research on the Irish Stapletons (everywhere) and Gleesons from Nenagh/Silvermines area.

This lecture was presented at the Gleeson Clan Gathering 2016. Please note that these GCG2016 videos are copyrighted to the presenter and should only be used for personal study. They are not to be used for any other purpose without the presenter’s express permission. Also, please note that because this is a rapidly advancing field, the content may quickly become outdated.

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