Harvey Historical Society Families on Record

Adams Family
Allen Family
Cairnduff Family
Crowe, Francis Russell
Drader Family
Irish “Darlings” The Darling Family
Elliott Family
Eyres Family
Fawcett, James and family
Fife Family
Flynn Family
Fulton Family
Garbutt Family
Harding, Richard 1757-1825
Hicks Family
Hilton Family
Hunt Family
Ingram Family
Ingram, Matthew and Susannah
Ireland Family
Irwin, Allen & Renouf, Ada Ellen
Irwin, Christopher
Junkin Family
Johns, Solomon
Keller, Christian
Lake, John
Lakehurst Family
Levack, Fred
The Maxwell Family
McGregor, William
McLaughlin Family
The Milburns
Nelson Family
Nugent Family
McMahon Family
Oliver Family
Osgoode Family
Preston Family
Pearson, James
Purser Family
Renouf, Louisa
Shaw Family
Shearer, David Nicholson
Sim Family
Smith, John Sr.
Stabler/Windover Family
Switzer Family
Tate Family
Tedford Family
Tenney Family
Traynor Family
Trennum Family
White Family
Windover Family
Ventress Family

One Response to Harvey Historical Society Families on Record

  1. Wendell White says:

    I am very interested in obtaining information about my Trennum ancestors. I suspect that in order to obtain such information I must join your association and would gladly do so. I live south east of Smith Harvey Townships and have found it interesting to travel the area. I look forward to your response.
    William Trennum 1833 & Martha Taylor are my 2x gt. grand-parents. William is the s/o Joseph Trennum c. 1806 and Elizabeth Lancaster. All lived and raised families in your municipality and intermarried with other local families.
    Wendell White

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