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  1. ALAN BRUNGER says:

    I am researching emigrants from Wiltshire England. I note in HARVEY ILLUSTRATED HISTORY p. 60, that Mr. So Hiscutt was one such resident. I wish to search the GHHS archives tomorrow, 5 June, for more info. on this person and his descendants and also, any other similar Wilstshire-born resident.
    I hope that this will be convenient.


  2. Mil Sepic says:

    I’m researching my family history but we’re 20th century immigrants who arrived in the 1950’s. I see your society as a great opportunity to learn how to research my own past.
    I also do some photography so I may be able to contribute to you that way. Donna and I moved to Lindsay in August this year and we’re just learning our way in terms of groups and organizations. Do you do anything at the Lindsay armouries during the year? And when do you start up your Wednesday openings in 2015 since I imagine everyone’s with their families during these holidays.
    All the best in your future works,
    Mil Sepic

  3. Gina Black says:

    This is great to find some information about Harvey & Smith Twp.
    I wonder if you could help me locate where my families would have lived.
    From the 1851 Census I have:
    William Bickell Conc 7 Lot 15
    James Northey Conc 7 Lot 18
    Fanny Allen Conc 6 Lot 17
    It seems that they lived northeast of Buckthorn. But if I use google streetview to drive out that way all I see is rough land with second growth timber. Could you help me better locate where they farmed?
    I would really appreciate it, thank you…………………….Gina Black in Aurora, Ontario.

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