Bobcaygeon Circuit Marriages

The Greater Harvey Historical Society is pleased to provide a listing of local Marriage Registrations.  If anyone would like a copy of the original notice there is a fee of $3 each, plus $0.75 for postage & handling.

Harvey Marriages Bobcaygeon Methodist Church Circuit


Thomas Adam, 34, Harvey, Emily, B., Pres., Yeoman, s/o Daniel Adams and Ann John__ ,m. Jennie Mabel Oliver, 28, Harvey, Harvey, S., Meth., d/o James Oliver and Mary Tate, Apr 9 1905

Nelson Alldred, 26, Verulam Scugog Twp., B, Yeoman, Meth., s/o Joseph G. Alldred and Matilda Gilroy, m. Martha Tate, 23, Harvey, Harvey, S, Meth.,,John Tate and Mary Lassey?? Aug 26 1899

Andrew Geo. Atchison, 25, Harvey, Monipau?? Twp, Centreville, B, Yeoman, Meth., s/o James Atchison and Sarah J. Clegg, m. Ann Amelia Cairnduff, 18, Harvey, Harvey, S., Meth., d/o Herbert A. Cairnduff and Mary A. Wilson, Mar 12 1902

William Edkson Bardo, 21, Harvey, Harvey, B., Farmer, Meth., s/o David Bardo and Matilda Lee, m. Frances Florence Hill, 18, Bobcaygeon, S., Meth., d/o Samuel Hill and Ellen Morrow, Dec 19 1907

Wm. John Beatty 23 Verulam, Verulam, B Yeoman Meth., Guy Beatty and Sarah Beatty m. Ellen May Wright 20 Bobcaygeon Bobcaygeon S. Meth., Robert W. Wright Luey Whiting, Dec 12 1900

John James Bordeau, 25, Bobcaygeon, Fenelon Falls, B., Barber, Meth., David Bordo and Matilda Lee, m. Edna Elizabeth Crowe, 30, Harvey, Harvey, S., Meth, d/o Nathaniel Crowe and Margaret McWilliams, Nov 4 1908

Isaac James Boynton, 28, Kinmount, Port Perry, B., Engineer, English, s/o Thomas Boynton and Susannah Turner m. Bertha Harris, 25, Harvey, Harvey, S.,  Meth., Noxan Harris, Ellen Crowe, Brides Home, Dec 25 1898

William Brown,32, Somerville, Mariposa, B, Farmer, Pres., s/o Neil Brown and Ann Currie, m. Elizabeth Ann Fell, 35, Somerville, Verulam, W, Anglican, d/o John Dobson and Mary A. Bace??, Sep 12 1906

Daniel Cain, 21, Verulam, Bobcaygeon, B., Farmer, Baptist, William Cain and Christina Davidson, m. Etta Tate, 20, Harvey, Harvey, S., Meth., d/o John Tait and Mary Tassie, Sep 9 1907

Frederick Charles Chalmers, 28, Fenelon Falls, Fenelon Falls, B., Tradesman, Meth., s/o Edward Chambers and Mary Jane Wood, m. Susanna Junkin, 22, Verulam, Verulam, S, Meth, Wit:William Junkin and Susanna Walsh Jun 1 1898

John Colmer, 26, Verulam Twp, England, Bachelor, Farmer, Meth., s/o Richard Colmer and Rebecca Andrews, m. Mary Martin, 22, Verulam, Verulam, S., Meth, Wit: Wm. Martin and Jane Junkin, Feb 9 1898

Thomas T Cosh, 27, Verulam, Verulam, B, Yeoman, Meth., s/o Wm. Cosh and Hellan Orchard? M. Laura A Purdy 25 Bobcaygeon, Harvey, S Meth., d/o James Purdy and Diana Irwin, May 20 1901

Hiram James Coulter 23 Summerville Somerville, B, Yeoman Meth., Henry Coulter Rosanna Morisson m. Mary Elinor Hillyer 19 Somerville, Somerville, S., Meth., Alfred Hillyer and Susanna Eade, Sep 20 1899

John Marvin Coulter, 29, Galway, Galway, B., Farmer, Meth., s/o John Coulter and Elizabeth Morrison, m. Eva Viola Patterson, 22, Bobcaygeon, Bobcaygeon, S.,  Meth, d/o Wm. Patterson and Margaret Leed Jun 21 1899

Leslie Crowe, 26, Harvey, Harvey, B., Yeoman, Pres.,  s/o Nathaniel Crowe and Margaret McWilliams, m. Mary Amelia Cairnduff, 31, Harvey, Price Edward Co., S., Meth., d/o James Cairnduff and  Elizabeth Yarwood, Sep 17 1902

James Henry English, 34, Verulam, Verulam, B., Farmer, English Church, s/o George English and Elizabeth Paget, m. Tilley Ward, 24, Harvey Twp., Harvey, S., Meth., d/o Abraham Ward and Caroline Reekherd? Jun 8 1898

James Flett, 31, Verulam, Verulam, B, Farmer, Pres, s/o Wm Flett and Isabella McDonald, m. Betitia Jane Green 22 Verulam, Ops, S., Meth, d/o John Green and Betitia Belsh, Mar 1 1898

Francis Forest, 22, Verulam, Verulam, B., Farmer, Meth., s/o William Forest and Ann Jane Armstrong, m. Jane Quibell, 22, Harvey, Harvey, S., Meth,  d/o George Quibell and Maria Ward Sep 12 1898


Hollis Harris, 26, Bobcaygeon, Lindsay, B., Painter, Meth., s/o Henry Harris and Annie Petit, m. Matilda May Van Valkinburg, 21, Bobcaygeon, Verulam, S.,  Meth., d/o John Van Valkinburg  and Phoebe Junkin, Mar 29 1898

Garner Hunter, 20, Bobcaygeon, Verulam, B., Meth., s/o Garner Hunter and Catherine O’Leary, m. Caddie Mary Hurchmer, 18, Bobcaygeon, S.,  Meth., d/o Harvey Hurchmer and Mary Ann Bailey, Jan 24 1898

James Kennedy, 38, Galway, Emily, B., Farmer, Baprist, s/o John Kennedy and Margaret Clark, m. Ann Pogue, 35, Galway, Ops, Widow, Baptist, d/o John Burgess and Susannah Clarke, Feb 8 1898

Isaac Lewis, 27, Verulam, Verulam, B., Yeoman, Meth., s/o John Lewis and Penelope Johns, m. Mary Jane Purdy, 26, Bobcaygeon, Harvey Twp, S., Meth., d/o James Purdy Diana Irwin, May 14 1902

Wesley George Logan, 28, Verulam, Verulam, Farmer, Pres., s/o Alexander Logan and Martha Atchison m. Ethel Elizabeth Steele, 18, Harvey, Harvey, S., Meth., d/o William Steele and Mary Tait,  Jan 15 1908

Edward John Oliver, 33, Clure? River, Manitoba, B., Widower, Merchant, Pres., s/o George Oliver and Jeanette Rutherford, m. Juliette Marie Hurren, 21, Eldon Twp., Georgina Twp. S.,  Meth., d/o William Hurren and Rachael Shier Mar 15 1898

Johnston Patterson, 35, Verulam, Verulam, B., Farmer, Meth., s/o James Patterson and  June Sproule, m. Margaret Jane Lawson,  31 Verulam, Ops, S.,  Meth., d/o Richard Lawson and Jane Mann, Jul 6 1898

Alfred Earnest Pinkham, 23, Verulam, Mariposa, B, Yeoman, Meth., s/o Samuel Pinkham and Maggie McClean, m. Margaret Martin, 22 Verulam, Verulam, S, Meth, Wm Martin and Jane Junkin, Jan 31 1900

Thom James Pogue, 26, Somerville, Somerville, B., Farmer, Meth., Joseph Pogue and Emma Webster, m. Susan Faris, 25, Toronto, Coulson, S., Meth., Wm Faris and Esther Coulson, Apr 29 1908

William Franklin Purdy, 22, Verulam, Bobcaygeon, B., Farmer, Meth., s/o William Purdy and Clara Whiting, m. Mary Elizabeth Finley, 18, Verulam, Verulam, S., English, d/o William Finley and Maggie Lawrence, Jan 27 1909

George Frederick Purdy, 21, Verulam, Bobcaygeon, B., Farmer, Meth., William Purdy and Clara Whiting, m. Ethel Ventress, 19, Harvey, Harvey, S., Meth., d/o Walter D. Ventress and Eliza Read, May 19 1907

Harry Robinson, 28, Bridge North, Smith, Cavendish, Peterboro Co., Lumbering, Meth., s/o John Robinson and Kate Robinson, m. Eva Nichols, 18, Smith Twp., Nebraska, U.S, S., Meth., d/o Peter Nichols and Clara Bennett, Sep 29 1905

Thomas J. Tate, 25, Harvey, Harvey, B., Yeoman, Meth., s/o James Tate Mary Ann Northy,  m. Mary Ann Cairnduff, 20, Harvey, Harvey, S, d/o Harvey A. Cairnduff  and Mary A. Wilson, Jun 5 1901

Peter Henry Thurston, 29, Verulam, B., Farmer, Meth., s/o James E. Thurston and  Letitia Cullen, m. Dorothy Harris, 24, Bobcaygeon, Harvey, S., Meth, d/o Noxan Harris and Ellen Crowe, Apr 25 1906

Edward Thurston, 26, Verulam, Verulam, B., Farmer, Meth., s/o James Thurston and Letitia Cullen, m. Leva Harris, 21, Harvey, Harvey, S., Meth, d/o Noxon Harris and Ellen Crowe, Oct 12 1898

Ava Quibell, 23, Harvey, Harvey, B., Yeoman, Meth., s/o Geo. Quibell and Maria Ward, m. Emily Laura Tate, 22, Harvey, Harvey, S Meth., James Tate and Mary Ann Northey Mar 27 1901

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  1. Iris Rose Miller says:

    Looking for any information regarding a nursing home run by or named Thurston. I was born there on April 9th, 1947. Where would the records of this establishment be found today?
    I lived on hwy 507 north of Flynns Corners, now living in Toronto, ON

    Thank You

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