The Society has begun the task of gathering information for the new history book of Cavendish “Along the Buckhorn Road to Cavendish”. Please tell us your memories of Cavendish, the stories about your family and the part they played in settling and creating Cavendish Township! don’t miss this opportunity to tell your family history and have it recorded in the history book.

Our Mission Statement

To promote among the citizens of Galway, Cavendish & Harvey Township the preservation and appreciation of it’s heritage. To unite the various groups within the township through communications, support, interchange of ideas and co-operation for the common good of all. To undertake projects that encourages and develops the study and preservation of our heritage.

Aims of the The Greater Harvey Historical Society:

  1. Further the study of genealogy in the various areas of interest to the members.
  2. Collect and preserve, by donation or purchase, materials relevant to such genealogical study.
  3. Advance and encourage public knowledge of genealogical resources available in the Greater Harvey, Cavendish and Galway areas.
  4. Encourage and instruct members in the ethical principles, scientific methods, and effective techniques of genealogical research.
  5. Publish and distribute printed and other materials to further the aims of the Society.
  6. Raise funds for any of the foregoing aims and to accept donations, gifts, legacies, and bequests, and…
  7. Enter into friendly relations with other Societies having similar or related aims in ON, other parts of Canada, or in other countries and cooperate with them in promotion of our common interests.

You may Email the information to:


The Greater Harvey Historical Society

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  1. Dianne Tedford says:

    Where are you located and what are your hours. Do you have any info on the “buggy road” from Lakehurst to Sandy Lake, may also have been a native trail?

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